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CAFC Holds Disparagement Provision of the Lanham Act Unconstitutional in Trademark Case

Posted in Intellectual Property

Lori Kozak writes: We have blogged previously about the litigation involving cancellation of the “Redskins” trademark as disparaging and the team’s appeal to the 4th Circuit, claiming (among other arguments) that the disparagement provision of Lanham Act Section 2(a) is unconstitutional because it violates free speech under the First Amendment. Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals… Continue Reading

Cancellation of Redskins Trademarks – Tackling Issues of Free Speech and Due Process

Posted in Intellectual Property

Lori Kozak writes: It’s no secret that football is big business, and the Washington Redskins, recently ranked the third most valuable team in the NFL by Forbes, are heavyweights within that enterprise.  So the ongoing legal battles over the “Redskins” trademarks have attracted a lot of interest and controversy, particularly among sports fans who also happen… Continue Reading

New Jersey and Sports Leagues Set to Resume Sports Betting Battle in Federal Appellate Court Today

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Today is a crucial day for New Jersey in its mission to legalize sports betting, as it will argue its position on the issue against attorneys for the four major American professional sports leagues and the NCAA this morning in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Attorney Theodore B. Olson, who represents… Continue Reading

Federal Judge Enjoins New Jersey from Permitting Sports Betting – Will Other Leagues Adopt the Position Taken by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

On Friday, Judge Michael Shipp granted the NCAA and four major professional sports leagues a permanent injunction to prevent New Jersey casinos and racetracks from offering sports betting.  The decision was unsurprising, but still extremely disappointing, to New Jersey state officials who have been attempting to establish legalized, regulated sports betting in the state for… Continue Reading

Kluwe Kicks Dispute In Exchange For Charitable Donations

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Last week, former NFL punter Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings reached a settlement of Kluwe’s dispute with the team over what he characterized as the organization’s homophobic environment and release from the team due to his activism on behalf of marriage equality. Kluwe’s revelation of serious homophobic behavior and an institutional attempt to freeze him… Continue Reading

Preempting the Players’ Claims: Why the Plaintiffs are on a Path to Arbitration in the NFL Concussion Injury Litigation

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By: John W. Polonis Villanova University Law Student Editor-In-Chief of the Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal   Four thousand plus plaintiffs in the NFL Concussion Injury Litigation face an uphill battle to survive preemption and pursue their state law claims. See Amended Master Complaint at ¶¶54-57, In re National Football Players’ Concussion Injury Litigation.… Continue Reading

Concussion Conundrum: March 15 Villanova Law School Symposium

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Our friends at the Villanova Law School’s Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal have organized what will surely be a fascinating symposium on the "concussion conundrum." They have four panels of former professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and journalists all exploring the numerous issues implicated by concussions in professional sports and the litigation involving the NFL. Click… Continue Reading

Why It Is Bad When Brothers Face Off – Thank God That My Brother Is Not A Lawyer

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esquire Let’s start with the obvious…the Harbaugh Bros. (Jim and John of the 49ers and Ravens respectively) are going to say that it makes no difference to them that their brother is their opponent. Over and over again….Right. Now let’s get up close and personal. When I got into law school,… Continue Reading

Death of a Football Player

Posted in Sports History

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esquire Jovan Belcher had his whole life ahead of him and now he and his girlfriend are gone. According to the Daily News, he kissed the corpse after he shot her, before killing himself. Law allows us to grow as we grow old. Athletics often rob us of that luxury. As… Continue Reading

NFL Player’s Trouble Demonstrates that “Family Law” Means More than Just Divorce

Posted in Family Law

By Aaron D. Weems, Esq. Editor of Pennsylvania Family Law Blog   The stereotype of a family law attorney is that they deal in divorces or are limited to issues between spouses. The reality is that the practice can be far reaching in scope and encompass estate planning issues, business interests, and matters that extend beyond ex-spouses,… Continue Reading

The National Football League and Workers’ Compensation

Posted in Labor & Employment, Sports Business and the Law

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esq.   Workers’ Compensation is something of a wackadoodle system. Originally designed by Otto von Bismarck in Germany, it was designed to provide compensation to injured workers without clogging the courts with lawsuits where negligence or more would need to be proven. It works reasonably well and like politics and sausage,… Continue Reading


Posted in Sports Business and the Law

At my former firm, I was succeeded as office managing partner by someone who was a religious Christian. A wonderful guy, he started a prayer group on campus. The other partners were not pleased and nominated me to talk with him. My response was, "sure, make the Jewish kid do it." I was not happy but took… Continue Reading

Congress and the NFL

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

As detailed by Chad Pergram in his FoxNews.com article dated March 4, 2011, Debate on Spending: “The Conversation Will Continue,” there are ongoing talks in Congress re budget cuts, but nobody is talking.  The Speaker deferred to the Vice President and Mr. Biden was (gasp) noticeably mum and brief. Ditto the NFL, which has a… Continue Reading

As We Enter the New Year

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

As featured in BusinessWeek.com on December 30, 2010, the question looming over the NFL playoffs is the possibility of a strike next season. The players’ union has estimated the cost of such a strike at $160 million and has written the nation’s governors and mayors regarding this potential loss. What goes unstated is whether either… Continue Reading

Who’s Side Are You On?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

This is the title of an old labor song made famous by Woodie Guthrie. This came up as a topic over turkey day in Texas because NFL contracts are not guaranteed (except for bonuses) while those in other sports are largely guaranteed. The assembled, a fairly conservative group, wanted to keep it that way, concerned… Continue Reading

Trademark Law and the Saints

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

As most of you know, the Saints fans yell, scream, text and twitter the line… "Who Dat" and have for years. As illuminated on the pout, the National Football League is trying to end the sale of shirts and ancillaries featuring the expression, claiming ownership of it. The online report fails to mention whether the league… Continue Reading