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Separate and Now Equal: Complaints Against Women Basketball Coaches

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Three women’s basketball coaches are under investigation for alleged mistreatment of their players, the coaches at Duke, Nebraska and Loyola of Chicago. Each is considered a great coach, but they have had an inordinate number of transfers. Other programs have allegations of racial prejudice and over-involvement in personal lives. Big-time pressures and big-time worries come to… Continue Reading

New Jersey and Sports Leagues Set to Resume Sports Betting Battle in Federal Appellate Court Today

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Today is a crucial day for New Jersey in its mission to legalize sports betting, as it will argue its position on the issue against attorneys for the four major American professional sports leagues and the NCAA this morning in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Attorney Theodore B. Olson, who represents… Continue Reading

NCAA Cannot Hide Behind Their Claim of Fear or Privilege in Reggie Bush Investigation

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In a case that may go to the California State Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals has denied the NCAA’s blanket claim of protection for its internal investigation interviews. Mr. McNair, the former USC running backs coach, alleges in his lawsuit that the college body ruined his career in the Reggie Bush investigation. The NCAA based… Continue Reading

Federal Judge Enjoins New Jersey from Permitting Sports Betting – Will Other Leagues Adopt the Position Taken by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver?

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On Friday, Judge Michael Shipp granted the NCAA and four major professional sports leagues a permanent injunction to prevent New Jersey casinos and racetracks from offering sports betting.  The decision was unsurprising, but still extremely disappointing, to New Jersey state officials who have been attempting to establish legalized, regulated sports betting in the state for… Continue Reading

Anti-Trust and College Athletics: Round One Goes To The Student-Athletes

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  As we dig through the 99-page opinion in O’Bannon v. NCAA here at the Sports Law Scoreboard, we’re keeping in mind that this is only the trial court opinion of one judge.  Next stop will be the Ninth Circuit, which is likely to be sensitive to the students’ claims as well.  Final stop (if settlement is not achieved, of course)… Continue Reading

NCAA Halts Sales of Team-Related Merchandise on its Website

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This guest post is authored by Tamarra J. Holmes.  Tamarra is an associate in our Litigation practice, resident in the Princeton, NJ office.  She can be reached at tholmes@foxrothschild.com. The NCAA announced on Thursday, August 8, that it would no longer sell team-related merchandise through its website, ShopNCAASports.com. The revelation came after ESPN analyst, Jay… Continue Reading

Perhaps Maryland Should Join the Atlantic “Sun” (of FGCU Fame): State Schools, Open Meetings Laws and Confidentiality Agreements

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

In the ever changing world of NCAA conference realignment, one school, the University of Maryland, forgot about its obligations under the “Sunshine Law.” Maryland’s flagship public university, like all public bodies, must comply with open meetings requirements. So, when Maryland’s Board of Regents met on November 18 and 19 of 2012 to discuss what would… Continue Reading

Exceptional Insurance: Safeguarding the Superstar

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esquire & Sekou Campbell, Esquire Sam Kahn, Jr. of ESPN Radio recently reported that Johnny Manziel is exploring the option of "Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance," provided by the NCAA. The insurance coverage is reported to be routinely sought by players in Manziel’s position. Insurance, a frequent theme on this blog, poses interesting… Continue Reading

Speech Establishing Religion or Free Expression?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

The tumult in the world today surrounding speech and religion reverberates in the sports world.  Specifically, the Freedom from Religion Foundation wrote the Chancellor of University of Tennessee, a public university, “urg[ing the University] to discontinue the practice of opening football games…with prayer.”  According to the letter, an announcer at Tennessee’s home games asks all… Continue Reading

Students or Employees?

Posted in Labor & Employment, Sports Business and the Law

Education is a unique commodity. Beyond the ability to earn more in the marketplace, education has an intrinsic value. It gives individuals the tools to more fully engage the entire observed world psychologically, personally, professionally, politically, and philosophically. Few other endeavors so dramatically expand rather than diminish returns of investment over time. Thus, questions of compensation in the school setting pose particular… Continue Reading

Time to Prepare: A Critique of the NCAA 2016 Academic Requirements

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Despite growth in graduation rates among college student athletes overall, basketball and football student-athletes graduate students at a rate 15% lower than their other sports’ counterparts. To improve graduation rates, the NCAA recently announced that its standards would rise starting with this year’s high school freshmen. The NCAA seized on "college preparedness” as a way to improve graduation rates. Class of 2016 student-athletes will have to complete 16… Continue Reading

Dodging a Bullet

Posted in Sports History

Richard Williams was the Swiss tennis champion and one of the survivors of the Titanic. He went on to be NCAA singles champion. Talk about dodging the bullet…..As a pup lawyer and a Deputy Attorney General, I defended a civil rights case filed in propia persona by one James Von Brunn. We won and years later… Continue Reading

Toward a Standard of Equals

Posted in Education

As featured on NYTimes.com’s article, “N.C.A.A.’s Double Standard,” there is a divergence of opinion as to whether NCAA has one standard or two. Ohio State is forfeiting title from 2010 and it does not get much bigger than that. On top of USC sanctions, it sure appears there is a new sheriff in town.

Newton’s Law?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Auburn is in the hunt for the NCAA football championship. The national press is in the hunt for its quarterback. The press is alive with reports that Newton’s father placed his son on the auction block to the highest bidder to enroll his son and that the winner was Auburn. Both Pat Forde and Jim… Continue Reading

Man-Child No More

Posted in Education, Sports History

In rivals.com’s article, “Kentucky flopped in the classroom in Calipari’s first season,” two items caught our eye. First, John Calipari’s Kentucky basketball team got barely passing grades in the classroom.  School is not for everyone, and it appears time for the NBA and NCAA to huddle on the "one and done" rule, particularly when the best… Continue Reading