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Derrick Rose’s defense team is seeking a mistrial in his much-publicized case due to new evidence – namely text messages that were allegedly undisclosed prior to trial.

When I meet with clients I tell them, “Tell me everything; we will deal with it.” Despite this, there are times where six months into the lawsuit, the client says, “Can I level with you?” I thought we had been doing this all along.

Worse yet is when the lawyer gets surprised by his client at trial. Let’s just say that good things rarely happen as a result. Be transparent and put everything on the table at the beginning. It is better for everyone.

As featured in Rick Reilly’s column on, how could everybody have missed Jeremy Lin? Stanford, Cal? The Golden State Warriors? Houston?  Heck, his high school team was in Palo Alto and won the state championship.

Might I suggest modesty. Don King, notorious boxing celebrity and promoter once opined: “I am the best promoter in the world, and I say that humbly.”  Dizzy Dean, once said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.” Heck, I went to a high school game where James Harden’s mom wore a jacket proclaiming, “James Harden’s mom.”

Likewise, go to the Yellow Pages and see how many lawyers advertise their greatness. And then there are the ones who emerge over time.

I once had a case against a Palm Springs lawyer known by professionals as the “Desert Fox.”  He was over 40 before he tried his first case, and he tried that one because no one else would try it for him. Seven figures later….. Sometimes it just takes awhile for greatness to emerge.