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Separate and Now Equal: Complaints Against Women Basketball Coaches

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Three women’s basketball coaches are under investigation for alleged mistreatment of their players, the coaches at Duke, Nebraska and Loyola of Chicago. Each is considered a great coach, but they have had an inordinate number of transfers. Other programs have allegations of racial prejudice and over-involvement in personal lives. Big-time pressures and big-time worries come to… Continue Reading

US Women’s National Soccer Team Files Equal Pay Suit

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Thomas R. Basta, Associate in Fox Rothschild’s Roseland, NJ office, published recently on our Employment Discrimination Report, “USWNT: Complaints of Being Kicked to the Curb by US Soccer.” An excerpt from the post: “There are really two issues to the suit filed by lead plaintiffs Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd (she of the World Cup… Continue Reading

Moneyball and Sports Business

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Yes, it takes place off the field as well. Here are best practices for sports figures and sports lawyers: What matters most? In litigation, that means winning or a successful settlement. In corporate, that means doing a successful deal. I recently “negotiated” the terms of my son’s wedding. That meant doing right and giving, not… Continue Reading

NBA Players: Who Owns the Tats on Your Arm?

Posted in Intellectual Property, Sports Business and the Law

As featured in the Washington Post, the artist who inked superstars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant is suing the makers of the video game NBA 2K16. The game featured the tattoos on the arms of the players. Solid Oak Sketches alleges that the game developers refused to pay to license the designs after it offered such an arrangement, but… Continue Reading

Litigation Is a Process, or “Don’t Spend That Money Until the Last Appeal Date Runs Out”

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

T.J. Simers, late of the Los Angeles Times, was a talented sports columnist until he was no longer there. He said he was constructively discharged and discriminated against for his age. He sued and got a substantial verdict before an L.A. jury. As reported in the Times, the trial judge cut the verdict dramatically, finding no… Continue Reading

Offensive to You, Me or the Average Reasonable Person

Posted in Intellectual Property, Sports Business and the Law

I was in NYC last week for the annual dinner of the Media Law Resource Center. Wonderful event. The pre-dinner panel was on hate speech and it intersected with the sports law world, with of course the Washington Redskins as Exhibit “A”. The room was packed with luminary lawyers and  numerous opinions on the subject.… Continue Reading

Yogi and Sam

Posted in Sports Business and the Law, Sports History

As featured everywhere, including USA Today, Yogi is dead. I have always been struck by the wise malaprops that both he and Samuel Goldwyn coined. So much wisdom in each man. I have used Goldwynisms and Yogiisms before juries and each never fail to draw a chuckle from the audience. As a tribute, let me… Continue Reading

Third Circuit Determines That New Jersey’s Partial Repeal of Its Sports Betting Prohibition Is an Unconstitutional Violation of PAPSA

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

In a 2-1 decision this morning, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit affirmed the District Court’s decision that New Jersey’s law partially repealing its prohibition against sports wagering violates the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (“PAPSA”).  The Honorable Marjorie O. Rendell, who wrote Court’s majority opinion, concluded that… Continue Reading

HIPAA HITECH & HIT Blog: Athletes Do Not Leave Their HIPAA Rights at the Locker Room Door

Posted in Privacy Issues, Sports Business and the Law

On the firm’s HIPAA, HITECH & HIT Blog, Fox partner Elizabeth Litten published a post yesterday noting two recent high-profile instances of HIPAA breaches involving professional athletes, and reviewing a 2002 clarification by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that a professional athlete has the same HIPAA rights as any other individual. Fox partner Bill… Continue Reading