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HIPAA HITECH & HIT Blog: Athletes Do Not Leave Their HIPAA Rights at the Locker Room Door

Posted in Privacy Issues, Sports Business and the Law

On the firm’s HIPAA, HITECH & HIT Blog, Fox partner Elizabeth Litten published a post yesterday noting two recent high-profile instances of HIPAA breaches involving professional athletes, and reviewing a 2002 clarification by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that a professional athlete has the same HIPAA rights as any other individual. Fox partner Bill… Continue Reading

What Happens Next: The Legal Effects of Donald Sterling’s Ban

Posted in Privacy Issues, Sports Business and the Law

  Will Sterling appeal?  Will there be legal consequences for V. Stiviano?  What are the rights of the Clippers’ players?  I had the opportunity to provide my thoughts to Anna Gallegos of LBXN earlier today: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Hit with Ban and Fine, but Legal Battle with NBA Looms We’ll be following the aftermath of Sterling’s… Continue Reading

What Would Moses Say

Posted in Privacy Issues

The Dallas News featured comment by Hall of Fame Quarterback Roger Staubach regarding the arrest of a Dallas Cowboy for allegedly beating up his mother. The same week, The New York Times Magazine had a cover story on a supposedly brilliant young man who killed his parents when he was 14 and now wants out of… Continue Reading

Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Lawsuit Against Actress for Distress

Posted in Family Law, Privacy Issues

 Scott Weston contributed to this post.   On May 5, 2010, sportsillustrated.com reported that Dwyane Wade’s estranged wife file an emotional distress suit against actress Gabrielle Union. Wade and his wife are in the middle of a heated divorce.   Some belief that the lawsuit is nothing short of pure harassment and leverage.  She tried the same… Continue Reading

Tiger Woods’ Apology: A Trial Lawyer’s Perspective

Posted in Privacy Issues, Sports Business and the Law

On Friday, February 19, 2010, as reported by Golf.com, Tiger Woods issued a public apology for his “transgressions” and claims he’s not sure he’ll play golf soon.    Yes, he was wooden. Yes, he said exactly what you expected. But what would you have had him say?  Woods’ apology was unconditional and he seemed contrite.  He… Continue Reading

Cross-Defamation Claims Between Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee May Cross-Out Each Other

Posted in Privacy Issues

In T.J. Quinn’s ESPN.com article, "Judge dismisses most of Clemen’s suit," it was reported that U.S. District Court Judge Keith Ellison dismissed most of Roger Clemens’ allegations regarding what Brian McNamee told federal investigators because they came at the request of federal authorities who wanted him to cooperate with the investigation. Ellison did allow Clemens to pursue statements McNamee made… Continue Reading

The Feds Can Get Urine Samples Only From Warrant-Listed MLB Players

Posted in Privacy Issues

On August 26, 2009, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the federal government overstepped its bounds when federal agents illegally seized the urine samples of 104 baseball players who allegedly tested positive in 2003.  (Court’s Decision.pdf).   The court ruled that the agents were entitled only to samples from the 10 players named on… Continue Reading