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Tony Blankley RIP

Posted in Politics, Sports Business and the Law

As reported by SFGate.com, Tony Blankley has passed away.  Blankley was best known as Newt’s press secretary when Newt was the majority leader. My path crossed with his when we were both at the State Attorney General’s office in California. He and I would discuss politics and we agreed on virtually nothing except the civility with… Continue Reading

Silly Lawsuits

Posted in Politics

As reported on ESPN.COM on August 13, 2011, Ok State’s Mike Gundy is being sued by his carpenter. The dude showed up wearing an Oklahoma T-shirt and allegedly was greeted by profanity, insults and accusations. Silly but interesting. We believe in free speech in this country, but do not always like to see it exercised.… Continue Reading

Some Anxious Athletic Mouths May Remain Shut Over Arizona’s Immigration Law

Posted in Politics, Sports Business and the Law

As featured in myFOXphoenix.com on April 29, 2010, Chicago area baseball fans are planning a protest against the Arizona immigration act when the Diamondbacks come to town. Feelings run high on both sides of these issues, but what is interesting for purposes of this blog is that over a third of baseball players are Latin… Continue Reading

Justice Department Passes the Buck to Obama on Posthumous Pardon of Jack Johnson

Posted in Politics

Charles A. De Monaco contributed to this post. In the ABC News‘ article, Justice Department Won’t Recommend Posthumous Pardon for Nation’s First Black Boxing Champ, it was reported that the Justice Department won’t recommend a posthumous pardon for Jack Johnson, the nation’s first African American heavyweight champion who was sentenced to prison nearly a century… Continue Reading