By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esquire

Let’s start with the obvious…the Harbaugh Bros. (Jim and John of the 49ers and Ravens respectively) are going to say that it makes no difference to them that their brother is their opponent. Over and over again….Right.

Now let’s get up close and personal. When I got into law school, my parents were pleased. When my brother got into med school you would have thought that the Red Sea had parted again.

Turnabout is fair play. I am the older. Having the Kravitz name in Long Beach California was a rarity. Thus, when my brother would start class throughout childhood, the teacher would say, "Are you Jeff’s brother?" He was both pleased…and not. Capper was when he went to England for his junior year abroad. His visiting professor had him over to dinner in London as she was on sabbatical, as was her husband, a professor at UCLA. Five minutes into dinner, he looked at my brother and questioned, "Are you related to Jeff Kravitz?" My brother called from London at two in the morning my time and without introducing himself proclaimed," You son of a ….. I am thousands of miles away and cannot get from under your shadow!" Let the sibling wars begin.