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The Public Purpose of Stadiums under Kelo

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

  By John W. Polonis Villanova University School of Law Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal   Stadiums are common carriers for the public, and therefore, states’ use of eminent domain for their construction should be justified. While the use of eminent domain may not be ideal, the long term community and economic benefits… Continue Reading

Baseball for Basketball

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

When baseball players seek free agency, there is a procedure called a baseball arbitration.  In it, each side names a number not known to the arbitrator. The arbitrator examines the proofs from management and the player’s representative, and then announces his "number."  The party closer to the number gets what it has advanced.  Why not try it… Continue Reading

Remember the Minnesota Twins?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

David Stern is in the midst of contract negotiations with the NBA Players’ Association, and he is mentioning that the league is considering contraction, as reported by Ken Berger of CBSSports.com on October 21, 2010. How do you say Memphis?  The discord comes in when you read that Forbes shows the league running a substantial… Continue Reading