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Federal Judge Enjoins New Jersey from Permitting Sports Betting – Will Other Leagues Adopt the Position Taken by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

On Friday, Judge Michael Shipp granted the NCAA and four major professional sports leagues a permanent injunction to prevent New Jersey casinos and racetracks from offering sports betting.  The decision was unsurprising, but still extremely disappointing, to New Jersey state officials who have been attempting to establish legalized, regulated sports betting in the state for… Continue Reading

Now the World’s Pastime

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Saw a terrific movie over the weekend called "Rice Field of Dreams", about the national baseball team in Cambodia. Part "Bad News Bears", part "The Caine Mutiny", the film chronicles the training and international debut of a team where there was none before. Why is it great? Each of the recruits brings boundless enthusiasm to… Continue Reading

Sports Gambling and…Taxes?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

At the end of last month, Kelly Phillips Erb posted an article on Forbes.com about a great night of MLB play as the regular season drew to an end (including the Rays big comeback against those Yankees). Perhaps more importantly to you gamblers out there, Erb put her readers on notice of the requirement to report… Continue Reading