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NFL Referees All Set to Magically Disappear

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz and Sekou Campbell According to the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, the NFL has reached a tentative agreement to end its lockout of the referees.    Ed Hochuli, whom Jeff Kravitz has worked with (as a lawyer not a ref), reads “Rules. Lots of Rules.” This year, during the lockout,… Continue Reading

Substitute Referees and Good Judges

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esq. The NFL is clearly struggling with substitute referees. Over the weekend, one such was removed from a New Orleans Saints game because he was a Saints fan. CBS Morning News today featured the controversy and the outcry re the integrity of the game.Same with judges. It is axiomatic that good judges… Continue Reading

Baseball for Basketball

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

When baseball players seek free agency, there is a procedure called a baseball arbitration.  In it, each side names a number not known to the arbitrator. The arbitrator examines the proofs from management and the player’s representative, and then announces his "number."  The party closer to the number gets what it has advanced.  Why not try it… Continue Reading