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Exceptional Insurance: Safeguarding the Superstar

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esquire & Sekou Campbell, Esquire Sam Kahn, Jr. of ESPN Radio recently reported that Johnny Manziel is exploring the option of "Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance," provided by the NCAA. The insurance coverage is reported to be routinely sought by players in Manziel’s position. Insurance, a frequent theme on this blog, poses interesting… Continue Reading

Catfishing: Online Impersonation Generally Not Illegal…Yet

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By Maura L. Burke, Esq. Earlier this month, news broke that Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o was the victim of an elaborate hoax involving an online relationship with an imaginary girlfriend. Aside from starting the newest Internet trend of “Teoing”, the linebacker’s well-reported fake girlfriend ruse brought to light the prevalence of “catfishing” scams.  The… Continue Reading


Posted in Sports History

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esq. Johnny Manziel is putting up numbers for Texas A&M that make him, if not the odds on favorite for the Heisman, at least a face that we will see at the New York Athletic Club when the award is given. And why not? Does anyone doubt that Kareem Abdul Jabbar… Continue Reading

California Covering College Athletes More Completely

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Schools and the NCAA have attempted to raise college athlete graduation rates, a subject of a previous post here.  California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a law designed to further address the graduation rate woes in certain college athletic programs, at least for four schools in his state (UCLA, USC, Stanford, and UC Berkley).  The… Continue Reading

Classes are Pointless

Posted in Education, Sports Business and the Law

Buckeye Cardale Jones tweets that classes are pointless. And perhaps they are for him. Our summer associate for next year spent seven years working construction before going to college. Some things just mean more to us at different periods of our lives. My torts professor used to say that no one should be allowed to… Continue Reading

NFL Referees All Set to Magically Disappear

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz and Sekou Campbell According to the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, the NFL has reached a tentative agreement to end its lockout of the referees.    Ed Hochuli, whom Jeff Kravitz has worked with (as a lawyer not a ref), reads “Rules. Lots of Rules.” This year, during the lockout,… Continue Reading

Students or employees?

Posted in Labor & Employment, Sports Business and the Law

Education is a unique commodity. Beyond the ability to earn more in the marketplace, education has an intrinsic value. It gives individuals the tools to more fully engage the entire observed world psychologically, personally, professionally, politically, and philosophically. Few other endeavors so dramatically expand rather than diminish returns of investment over time. Thus, questions of compensation in the school setting pose particular… Continue Reading

Salaries for College Athletes?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

  Last month, the New York Times Magazine ran a kick-tush article advocating paying college athletes in football and basketball for their services. The arguments have been made before in other forums, but the economic data in the article was most impressive. The article drew a rejoinder from Tom McMillian. Mr.. McMillian was an excellent… Continue Reading

What, Are You Nuts or Something?

Posted in Personal Injury

As featured on California Lawyer, January 2011 edition, former athletes are starting to seek workers’ comp as a result of brain injuries or trauma. The lead plaintiff featured in the article is Fred McNeill of my alma mater, UCLA. McNeill was a great collegian, makes a great appearance and is in that sense the perfect… Continue Reading

It’st Just a Game

Posted in Personal Injury

As detailed in the Wichita Eagle at Kansas.com, Boise State’s kicker, who missed three game winning field goals, has been getting death threats (as well as some support) in the blogosphere. I went undergraduate and then to law school with a football player who created a situation that arguably allowed USC to go to the… Continue Reading

Pat Haden: Sports Lawyer and Athletic Director

Posted in Education

On July 21, 2010, USC announced appointment of former professional quarterback Pat Haden as their new athletic director.  Hayden is a lawyer by profession, having gone to Loyola Law, my alma mater. My favorite story involves a friend (not a sports fan) meeting Haden on a line (before there was online) to buy books.  Hayden, who… Continue Reading