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Should Freshmen Be Eligible for the Heisman?

Posted in Sports History

By Jeffrey S. Kravitz, Esq. Johnny Manziel is putting up numbers for Texas A&M that make him, if not the odds on favorite for the Heisman, at least a face that we will see at the New York Athletic Club when the award is given. And why not? Does anyone doubt that Kareem Abdul Jabbar… Continue Reading

Hiding in Plain Sight

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

As featured in Rick Reilly’s column on ESPN.com, how could everybody have missed Jeremy Lin? Stanford, Cal? The Golden State Warriors? Houston?  Heck, his high school team was in Palo Alto and won the state championship. Might I suggest modesty. Don King, notorious boxing celebrity and promoter once opined: “I am the best promoter in the… Continue Reading