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New Jersey and Sports Leagues Set to Resume Sports Betting Battle in Federal Appellate Court Today

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Today is a crucial day for New Jersey in its mission to legalize sports betting, as it will argue its position on the issue against attorneys for the four major American professional sports leagues and the NCAA this morning in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Attorney Theodore B. Olson, who represents… Continue Reading

Major League Baseball and its Clubs Defend Wage-and-Hour Class Action Brought by Former Minor Leaguers

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

On October 24, 2014, Aaron Senne and several former minor league baseball players filed a consolidated amended class action complaint against the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, former Commissioner Bud Selig himself, and the 30 major league clubs.  The amended complaint alleges in its introductory paragraphs that the defendants “openly collude on… Continue Reading

NCAA Cannot Hide Behind Their Claim of Fear or Privilege in Reggie Bush Investigation

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

In a case that may go to the California State Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals has denied the NCAA’s blanket claim of protection for its internal investigation interviews. Mr. McNair, the former USC running backs coach, alleges in his lawsuit that the college body ruined his career in the Reggie Bush investigation. The NCAA based… Continue Reading

UFC Hit with Antitrust Suit: Take That You Pencil-Necked Geek!

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Mixed martial arts is now the site for an antitrust suit. Over the last few years, the UFC has consolidated the competition and now arranges fights in a boxing-like fashion. Senator McCain once described the sport as little more than cockfighting by humans, but the sport managed to establish guidelines that eviscerated threatened regulation. Perhaps… Continue Reading

Coaches and Schools Play Fast and Loose with Contracts

Posted in Sports Business and the Law, Sports History

Leaving a job is easy – if not stressful – for almost the entire population: you leave on your own accord or are asked to leave by your employer. Some people have employment contracts which provide specific compensation or benefits upon separation; other people sign agreements with specific clauses which bar them from using their… Continue Reading

Be Creative But Be Careful with Copyrights and Trademarks in Your Designs

Posted in Intellectual Property, Sports Business and the Law

USA Today had a must-read article on Under Armour’s crazy uniform designs. Creative uniforms are wonderful, but as with all else in the world of intellectual property, care needs to be taken. Taking a copyrighted design from someone oftentimes results in a lawsuit. If you see the other design, run it by your fellows to… Continue Reading

Rory McIlroy v. Horizon Sports

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

This guest post is authored by Jason Hodges. Jason currently practices in the areas of litigation and real estate at Gilbert, Harrell, Sumerford & Martin, P.C. in Georgia.  Since graduating from Mercer University School of Law (2009), he worked as a player agent at Crown Sports Management and subsequently served as a Public Defender. He ended… Continue Reading

Federal Judge Enjoins New Jersey from Permitting Sports Betting – Will Other Leagues Adopt the Position Taken by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver?

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

On Friday, Judge Michael Shipp granted the NCAA and four major professional sports leagues a permanent injunction to prevent New Jersey casinos and racetracks from offering sports betting.  The decision was unsurprising, but still extremely disappointing, to New Jersey state officials who have been attempting to establish legalized, regulated sports betting in the state for… Continue Reading

Oral Argument Set to Address Sports Leagues’ Application for Preliminary Injunction in New Jersey Sports Betting Case

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Tuesday, federal judge Michael Shipp set Oral Argument for November 20, 2014 to address an application for a Preliminary Injunction by the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA in the latest litigation over the potential legalization of sports betting in New Jersey. In the underlying lawsuit, the Court will eventually determine whether New Jersey can… Continue Reading

Diversity, Criminal Penalties, and the NFL

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Interesting discussion this past Friday on ESPN’s The Herd.  Host Colin Cowherd pointed out that the league had to grow in diversity before it was able to come up with stiff penalties for violent incidents.  Increased diversity among an organization’s leadership can directly contribute to better thinking, better policies and better overall results.  Here’s hoping it becomes part… Continue Reading

Kluwe Kicks Dispute In Exchange For Charitable Donations

Posted in Sports Business and the Law

Last week, former NFL punter Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings reached a settlement of Kluwe’s dispute with the team over what he characterized as the organization’s homophobic environment and release from the team due to his activism on behalf of marriage equality. Kluwe’s revelation of serious homophobic behavior and an institutional attempt to freeze him… Continue Reading

Trademark Battles Are For The Birds

Posted in Sports Business and the Law, Sports History

On August 11, 2014, the ownership group for the Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Blue Jays Partnership, filed a Notice of Opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, opposing the registration of Creighton University’s redesigned Bluejay logo. On September 18, 2013, Creighton filed a trademark application with the… Continue Reading

Wang Sued For Allegedly Backing Out Of Deal To Sell Islanders

Posted in Sports Business and the Law, Sports History

The NHL’s illustrious New York Islanders:  winners of four consecutive Stanley Cups in the early 1980s.   Coached by the immortal Al Arbour and propelled by five future Hockey Hall of Famers, the Isles and their fans in Nassau and Suffolk Counties enjoyed one of the greatest runs in hockey history.  The names still resonate:  Bossy,… Continue Reading