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What, Are You Nuts or Something?

Posted in Personal Injury

As featured on California Lawyer, January 2011 edition, former athletes are starting to seek workers’ comp as a result of brain injuries or trauma. The lead plaintiff featured in the article is Fred McNeill of my alma mater, UCLA. McNeill was a great collegian, makes a great appearance and is in that sense the perfect… Continue Reading

It’s Just a Game

Posted in Personal Injury

As detailed in the Wichita Eagle at Kansas.com, Boise State’s kicker, who missed three game winning field goals, has been getting death threats (as well as some support) in the blogosphere. I went undergraduate and then to law school with a football player who created a situation that arguably allowed USC to go to the… Continue Reading

Pitcher Winning Bad Mound Case

Posted in Personal Injury

Thanks to reader Ron Miller for his post “Pitcher Gets Verdict for Bad Pitcher Mound” in the The Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog in which he discusses a young pitcher, an injury and a verdict. The boy hurt his arm and found a way to sue over the height and construction of the mound!  Creative theory.… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Case Emphasizes Importance of “Participants” and “Circumstances” in Determining Liability for In-Game Injuries

Posted in Personal Injury

Peter C. Buckley authored this article.   A recent decision from the Pennsylvania Superior Court shows that not every injury that occurs during a sporting event is so inherent in the game or so “common, frequent and expected” that the one causing the injury can escape liability. The case of Zeidman v. Fisher, 980 A.2d… Continue Reading