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Be Creative But Be Careful with Copyrights and Trademarks in Your Designs

Posted in Intellectual Property, Sports Business and the Law

USA Today had a must-read article on Under Armour’s crazy uniform designs. Creative uniforms are wonderful, but as with all else in the world of intellectual property, care needs to be taken. Taking a copyrighted design from someone oftentimes results in a lawsuit. If you see the other design, run it by your fellows to… Continue Reading

Off Topic, But Not

Posted in Intellectual Property

A friend’s daughter has an award winning blog on weddings and wedding planning. Wickedly fun and funny. She has been approached by commercial ventures about featuring their products on her blog for $$$. So far she has declined these proposals.   Nothing illegal about this  practice, although the Federal Trade Commission is supposedly looking into… Continue Reading

McNutt, But Not For Heisman

Posted in Intellectual Property

As featured in TheLanter.com, an enterprising young undergraduate at Ohio State University has been selling McNutt for Heisman t-shirts at $11 each. Seems that neither the New York Athletic Club, which owns the intellectual property rights to the Heisman, nor OSU (ditto on Ohio State) were thrilled with this promotion. Cease-and-desist letters were sent and… Continue Reading

Jay-Z and David Ortiz Slug It Out In Court Over a Club’s Name

Posted in Intellectual Property, Sports Business and the Law

In EXAMINER.COM, we see that rapper Jay-Z has sued baseballer "Big Popi" David Ortiz for trademark infringement over the 40/40 clubs.  Jay-Z got there first.  Forty-forty refers to forty home runs and forty stolen bases, a traditional standard of excellence.  Question for the court will be one of jurisdiction. Don’t see how he can maintain… Continue Reading

Tiger Woods’ New Commercial Grabs the Bull By Its Horns

Posted in Intellectual Property, Sports Business and the Law

  On April 7, 2010, the LATIMES.com reported Nike’s new commercial with Tiger Woods featuring the voice of his late father on the eve of the Masters. In this commercial, Tiger is standing silent with a golf course in the background and his father’s voice taking about responsibility and learning from mistakes.   Several people have… Continue Reading

ASK A LAWYER: What Exactly Are “Logos” and What Can I Do With Them?

Posted in Intellectual Property, Sports Business and the Law

Logos are trademarks and are protected under U.S. law.  This is true even if the mark has not been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.  Therefore, you need permission to use the marks.   The products are a little less cut and dried.  It really depends on what you are using the products for:… Continue Reading